Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Day 255 - Veterans Committing Suicide

I'm taking a pause from my blog series on food, to address just one side effect of war, which is veteran's suicide.

"Troubling new data show there are an average of 950 suicide attempts each month by veterans who are receiving some type of treatment from the Veterans Affairs Department."

"Let's start with the word "haunted" from the 60 Minutes piece. I have heard the word hundreds of times talking with returning veterans. Unprocessed traumatic residues, or ghosts, literally haunt and consume the present. The future does not exist. Nowhere in the piece do we see Clay finding a way to genuinely process what he had been through and transform the ghosts of his military service, among them the losses, the helplessness, and the questions about mission that we hear about. Clearly Clay, like thousands of veterans, remained plagued and tortured, despite his stellar external adaptation to civilian life. Even his tentative forays at opening up to his parents belied this haunting.
Second, We each have an inner world. Not all anguish can be successfully addressed by "doing something." This includes altruistic public service, and using one's experience to help others. Undeniably noble and often useful to others, sometimes we end up ignoring and bypassing our own inner demons and postpone addressing them. Sometimes tragically. I'm not sure that dedicated and well-meaning people and organizations in veteran services today fully appreciate this. We tend to underestimate the inner world, at our peril."

"Meanwhile, Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, a nonprofit advocacy group representing more than 200,000 members, said the nation should be "outraged" by rate of veterans who are taking their own lives — nearly one per hour."

These are only excerpts from three articles, where upon searching on the internet, one will see many sites reporting on this phenomena, which is a consequence of the suppression of the horrors that these men and women faced in active duty.

Here at the 10 year anniversary of the Iraq War, let's take a moment to reflect...where are we as humankind?  Are we any closer to peace on earth?  Are we any closer to the end of starvation, homelessness, rampant pain and suffering and abuse on our planet?  Where will it all end?  When will it all end?  How do we make it end?

Well continuing on with what we've been doing is not the answer, because if it was we would have seen real change, which we are not.

We, collectively as mankind must look within ourselves, and stand up and take responsibility for all these continued atrocities, where we can no longer point fingers, blame the governments, the leaders, the corporations, because we, as the people, by our continued acceptance and allowance, are just as much to blame.

There is a Solution, it is not easy, it will take years in its implementation, as it has taken eons of time to reach this mass critical point.

We at Desteni are walking a process of change, change within ourselves, so as to stand up, assisting and supporting ourselves, and thus others, and planet earth.

We call out to all humankind to hear us - to stand with us Here - One and Equal -  To create a world where what is Best for All is Always considered and lived, where we no longer hide in shame/fear.

Sign up today for Desteni's free online course - DIP Lite - which will start you on your process of change.

Let's all stand together - for ourselves - for our children - for generations to come - for the animal kingdom - for earth itself - let's be the change we wish to see in the world...

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