Thursday, March 21, 2013

Day 256 - Iraq Before the Bombs Fell

I have just been watching this video, "Iraq Before the Bombs Fell"

I have gone back in my memory to when the U.S. first started bombing Iraq, and my memory is fuzzy, all I remember is that I felt outrage that we were doing this, and then life continued on as usual, as normal.

In the video the Iraqi people that were interviewed talked about their own lives being 'normal', and then all that changed, where the U.S. government dropped leaflets, telling the people to leave as it was not a safe area.  Where were they to go? How were they to know what was about to happen to them, where a family is home, the house starts shaking, the kitchen is destroyed and a man goes outside and finds his son in a pool of blood.

And through this as another Iraqi was interviewed, he stated he hated our government, but liked the people,  where he still was able to show humanity.

I share Andrea's shame. For context read Andrea Teale's blog:

We at Desteni are willing to face our shame, to stand up and take responsibility, where we say NO MORE, where we walk a process of change, a walk that each and every one of us MUST walk in order to free ourselves from this Hell that WE have created on earth, so as to re-establish a Life for each and every being on earth, where we all stand one and equal, where we always make decisions based on what is best for all, where All are Always included, where no one is left out!

We do not point fingers, we do not blame, we just ask for all to JOIN us!

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