Saturday, March 23, 2013

Day 258 - Food and Me - The Reward

Continuing from blogs, Days 251, 252, 253, 254, 257


Thought Dimension:

When and as I see a picture/image of a certain food, where my mind wants to trigger/engage in an emotional response towards that food, towards eating a particular food, where I eat absently, from a starting point of feeding the mind, I stop, I breathe, where I ask myself am I physically hungry, will this food assist and support my body, will eating this particular food create an uncomfortable feeling of overeating within me, creating stress?

I commit myself that if I answer yes to any of these questions, where I am in fact not physically hungry, I will face/investigate if there is any underlying emotion/point/pattern that is coming up for me to look at, and if so, I will breathe in self-awareness, apply self-forgiveness and thus continue with the task at hand, not giving into the mind, where I release myself from the pattern once and for all.

When and as I see myself participating within and as judgment when I see an image of a skinny person, or a person that appears to be in good shape, or an overweight person, where I immediately connect their image to food intake, I stop, I breathe, where I see/realize that I am looking at a program, and that passing judgment just places me in separation of myself, of the other as myself, as all I am seeing is mirrored aspects of myself.

Whereas I commit myself when looking at another to place myself in their shoes as one as equal, not in separation through judgment.

When and as I see a picture/image of starving people where I go into 'feeling guilty' I stop, I breathe, where I see/realize, that feeling guilty serves no practical purpose, continues to perpetuate the very situation that I am accepting and allowing myself to feel guilty about, where

I commit myself to when I see images of starving people, to slow myself down, breathing in self-awareness until I am stable, that through walking myself out of these emotional responses, where I can stand free and clear in every here moment is the only solution.

I commit myself to support an Equal Money System, where starvation/abuse/homelessness will end where we will exist in a world where all have plenty, where all are provided for equally, within the directive principle as what is best for all.

To be continued....

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